The best tips, gear and locations for DSLR photography in Dubai, UAE

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- How to get the most out of your DSLR camera and stop it from gathering dust
- How to think about lighting
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Photography, a legal high, an addiction.

With photography, you have the power to freeze time and tell a story.
The world may move on, your memories may even fade with time, but your image, your precious photograph is in a sense, immortal.

So put down that remote and pick up your DSLR; it's time to step out of your air-conditioned Dubai apartment and enjoy the sights in your area.
What's great about photography is that it literally compels you to get out there and explore your town and region.
For me the greatest part of photography is its accompanying sense of adventure and a chance to see things anew.

Click on the image below to view a larger image and a guide on how you can put together a similar photograph yourself.

The Burj Khalifa towering over Dubai

This photo was taken with mixed lighting sources during sunset.
Burj Khalifa, Photography Dubai UAE

The Rub Al Khali desert at night, UAE border

This photo used a low full-moon as a backlight
Rub Al Khali, Photography UAE

Rocks during sunset at Jumeirah beach, Dubai

This was a long exposure shot during sunset
Jumeriah, Dubai Photography UAE

A pristine peaceful pool of water amidst the wadis in Hatta, Dubai

A lesson in why you should take the road less taken - that's where all the photos are!
Hatta Wadi, Photography UAE

A group of abras at the Dubai creek

Climed on top of construction materials with a wide angle lens
Abras Creek Dubai Photography UAE

Hypnotic dunes in the Rub Al Khali region, UAE border with Saudi

Make use of lighting and shadows to create contrasts and bring out details
Hypnotic Dunes Dubai Photography UAE

Dodge Viper SRT10, MME meet, Sharjah

Soft lighting, color and timing
Dodge Viper SRT10 Sharjah UAE Photography

A Ford Mustang GT at the MME meet in Sharjah

Ford Mustang GT Sharjah UAE Photography

The side of an abandoned classic chevy at the MME meet in Sharjah

Composition and cropping can do wonders
Classic Chevy SideDetail Sharjah UAE Photography

Wood Trim seen in an abandoned classic Jaguar at the MME meet in Sharjah

What's old and faded may seem mundane but sometimes it's important to see the beauty within the ordinary
Wood Trim Detail Sharjah UAE Photography

Ferrari at the MME meet in Sharjah

Ferrari Sharjah UAE Photography

Mini at the MME meet in Sharjah

Classic Chevy SideDetail Sharjah UAE Photography

A bright blue mosque at Dalma Island, Western Abu Dhabi region, UAE

A polariser filter helps change the contrast and dept of colors in an outdoor scene
A mosque at Dalma Island

Fisherman's day off. The coast of Musandam, Oman

Composition and a touch of story
Two boats at Musandam Oman