The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE using mixed light sources in photography

This particular photo was taken at twilight. This gives the sky a deep blue color. A faint residual shimmer of light from the setting Dubai sun comes in to give the building its mild golden highlights along with the reflection of the distant reddish sky in the buildings windows and finally the Burj's own lighting system kicks in. All this makes for extremely interesting assortment of colors !

Photography during sunsets:
The time of day is one of the most critical aspects of this shot. A few minutes earlier and the scene would have been quite flat in terms of color, while a few minutes later would mean the scene would have been too dark.

Long exposure photography:
Since the available light is reduced during the time around sunset, you will have to either use a tripod, the ground or another steady surface to stabalize the camera and set your DSLR shutter speed to at least a few seconds if not several to get an image that is sufficinetly bright. Or you could try increasing your ISO settings and limiting yourself to the time before sunset. I will go into more detail about camera settings in future videos.

Photography exercise for you to try:
Try taking photographs of landmarks where you live, possibly glass covered buildings, or ones with intereting illumination between the time around sunset, approximately 30 minutes before until 30 minutes after sunset. Make sure the sky is visible in your photo to capture some of those beautiful blues. You will find a sweet spot right before the sky goes dark, when the sky will turn into its richest shade of blue.
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